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Eagle Worldwide Approved Itinerant Ministers

Eagle Worldwide Ministries has a number of guests and itinerant ministers that visit our churches and sponsored special events that occur throughout the year, and we promote and market those events accordingly. However, if you would like a recommendation concerning someone who has ministered at one of these events, you may call our our office at (905) 308-9991 or by clicking here to send us an email. The following individuals are the only ones you need to speak to that are authorized to make recommendations on behalf of Eagle Worldwide Ministries: Dr. Russ Moyer, Pastor Mave Moyer, Pastor Patty Wallace, and Pastor Joanna Adams.


The following individuals are part of our executive leadership team and we as a ministry endorse them and recommend them for ministry in your church, city and nation. If you would like more information on them or their ministry, please feel free to contact our ministry or fill out the form below. We celebrate their ministry as carriers of the anointing and DNA of Eagle Worldwide. We personally know their lives and walk with the Lord and we walk in full covenant relationship with them and recognized the gifts and call of God on each one of their lives.

For more information on our Itinerant Ministers, please click on their photograph to read their bio.

John & Victoria Irving

Patty & Alex Wallace

Miguel Simon

Derek & Joanna Adams

Mark & Ginette Gaudreau

Harpreet & Suzan Sahney