John and Victoria Irving

Eagle Worldwide Approved Itinerant Ministers

When we are unavailable to minister at your event, we have other Itinerant Ministers who are approved and endorsed by Mave and I. They have served together with us in Ministry and walk in the same ministry DNA and anointing. Mave and I highly recommend them to you. We personally know their life and walk with the Lord and we walk in full covenant relationship with them and recognized the gifts and call of God on each one of their lives.


John Irving is the Senior Pastor and Founder of The Gathering Place of Aurora and a member of the Board of Directors for Eagle Worldwide Ministries. A graduate of Master’s Bible College and Seminary in Peterborough, John later achieved a Master’s Degree in Theology from Tyndale University. He has travelled to many parts of the world, including the Middle East, India, Guatemala, Hong Kong, China, Japan, and various places in Canada, the U.S. and the Caribbean.


John is a gifted apostle and anointed teacher with a strong prophetic voice. His greatest desire is simple — to dwell in the Presence of the Lord and see His Glory made manifest. His passion for God is evident in his messages and meetings, with increasing signs, wonders, and miracles occurring. His prayer is to see the church come together and be one, to see God glorified and exalted, and revival fire spread throughout Aurora, Canada, and to the nations of the earth.   John and his wife, Victoria, live in Aurora, Ontario.


Victoria Irving is an ordained minister with Eagle Worldwide Ministries. Known for her powerful and anointed gifting in the areas of prayer and intercession, she is also a recognized prophetess who flows and imparts revelation through a depth of spiritual understanding cultivated by her deep intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Wherever she speaks, Victoria exhorts and encourages all believers to strengthen and deepen their personal relationship with God and to arise and take hold of the unique call of God upon their lives.



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John & Victoria Irving