Deliverance Ministry

What is Deliverance Ministry?

The Bible says in Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”

Deliverance ministry is one of the most misunderstood areas of ministry in the church today and we believe that this type of ministry will play an essential part in the end time harvest. The ministry of deliverance was a large part of the ministry of the Lord when He walked the earth. He utilized deliverance ministry to bring forth healing. In Mark 9:38-39 in his dialogue with John the apostle he referred to deliverance ministry as a miracle and told his beloved friend not to forbid others from ministering in that manner.

We believe that deliverance ministry is a four part process:

  • Casting out demonic spirits according to Mark 16.
  • Counselling the individual concerning life altering habits and attitudes that were developed while under the influence of those spirits.
  • To pray for healing for the hurts and the pain that was caused physically, spiritually, and emotionally by the demonic activity.
  • To walk out under proper pastoral care and authority, the freedom that they have received.

Here at Eagle Worldwide Ministries deliverance ministry has played an intricate role in our development and as we look back over the years this area of ministry is where we have seen the most lasting fruit and most remarkable life changing experiences.

We have conducted freedom ministry conferences in many churches in Canada and the United States where we have seen hundreds upon hundreds of people set free by the power of God from physical, emotional and spiritual demonic oppression. We have ministered to hundreds of individuals in personal deliverance sessions, and raised up freedom teams at our ministry headquarters in Canada as well as in other churches throughout North America who do deliverance with dignity.

There have been many abuses over the years in deliverance ministry, but we as a church need to be careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water and strive to develop this very important aspect of ministry in the proper order with the proper training, supervision, accountability that will ensure the welfare of those individuals to whom we minister.

If you have more of an interest in or if you have a personal need for deliverance ministry you can contact our office for information on how you can make an appointment to receive ministry or attend one of our freedom conferences.

Please note that before we can minister deliverance to any individual, the Deliverance Application Form must be filled out in its entirety. The application form will better equip us to minister to you and to expedite the deliverance process. Please note that you must also fill out the Pastoral Permission form and have it signed by your pastor. We cannot provide deliverance ministry without prior approval from your pastor.

Booking a Personal Ministry Appointment

If you are interested in Personal Ministry, please download and fill in the form below and mail it to:


PO Box 39, Copetown, ON L0R1J0.

If you attended one of our Deliverance Seminars and would like more information on Deliverance or on receiving Personal Deliverance Ministry, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you.

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