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Welcome to the Prophetic Edge. These articles were written by Dr. Russ Moyer to help you as you seek the Lord in pursuing your gifting and calling.


This is a prophetic generation; and we are responsible to be that generation that brings the prophetic voice back into the Body of Christ. This is going to require integrity, character and submission to authority so that all things can be done decently and in order.


Our prayer is that the Prophetic Edge will be a blessing to you that will help you to learn about prophecy and grow in your prophetic gift. To view the Prophetic Edge, please click on the blue button below.

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Prophetic Articles written by Dr. Russ Moyer


The International Coalition of Prophets (ICOPs) is a private membership non-profit corporation designed to serve its prophetic members and provide general information for potential members. ICOPs assumes no responsibility, liability or guarantee of accuracy or the ‘final word’ on any information, teachings, or opinions expressed in any format including the official website, conferences and seminars, publications or otherwise.  It is not to be considered the ‘perfect’ or ‘total’ word or revelation on the subject of the prophetic or prophetic movement. ICOPs encourages individuals to seek other sources of information and not rely on ICOPs as a complete source of prophetic information.


Prophetic Words 2016

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Prophetic Words 2015

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Prophetic Words 2014

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Prophetic Words 2013

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Hope of Glory

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Abounding in Hope

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Above all Guard your Heart

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The Great Deception

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Send the Fire

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It's all about the Kingdom

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11th Hour Workers

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It's Time to Rule and Reign

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Raising up the Elishas

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Prophetic Now Faith

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The High Call

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Kritical Kingdom Thinking

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Prophetic Word of the Week

Every week, one of the leaders of Eagle Worldwide shares the prophetic word of the week.


Find out what the Lord is saying to the Church and what He is saying to each of us every week.

Past Prophetic Words

Did you receive a Prophetic Word?

If you received a prophetic word at one of our Eagle Worldwide services or from one of our team members that visited your location, please click on the image below to download your word.

Prophetic Words of the Year

Every New Year’s Eve we gather together to release the Prophetic Words the Lord has given us for the following year.


You can view the prophetic words released at our Watch Night service over that past few years by clicking on the button below.

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This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare.

― 1 TIMOTHY 1:18