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In order to provide you with an income tax receipt, please choose your home country below.

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Thank you for your heart to give to Eagle Worldwide. It’s faithful partners and friends like you that allow us to advance the Kingdom of God in every aspect of the Ministry.


When we travel domestically and to the nations of the world preaching the Gospel and bringing revival fire to the nations, when we challenge, empower and equip the Church of Jesus Christ, you are there with us. Your donations make it possible to feed over 150 people a day at the King’s Way Outreach Centre and provide life-skills empowerment programs, to reach out to over 1,200 people at Gage Park to provide family activities, gifts and free food. Your continued support allows us to make an impact through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.


Your generous giving allows us to continually travel, preaching the life-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ and manifesting the power of the Kingdom to equip the Body of Christ.


Your prayers and donations makes this possible. Thank you.



We believe giving is an essential quality that helps identify us with God. When we give, we imitate Him, the One who gave it all when He gave us His Son Jesus. As we give, we are advancing God’s Kingdom through our finances. We touch the nations. We impact our city. We serve our community.

Donate a Vehicle


If you have a vehicle in good condition with under 200,000 kilometres, consider making an investment in the Kingdom of God. For more information, please call our office at 905.308.9991

When you are looking for ways to sell your car, truck, boat, or RV, consider making it a charitable donation instead. In doing so, you can make a big difference in the Ministry and in the Kingdom of God. When you donate your car, everyone wins; it’s a win-win situation:


  • You get a gift-in-kind tax-deductible receipt to use for your income taxes.
  • You are not giving your car away, you are investing it in the Kingdom of God.
  • You are sowing a seed in the same way as you give in tithes and offerings. Your seed will produce a promised harvest.
  • Every day the vehicle is driven, your seed makes an eternal impact producing continual, lasting fruit.
  • The Ministry benefits because these vehicles are used for missionary transportation, driving guest speakers and taking God’s people to ministry services and outreach events.


*Please Note: The value of the tax deductable receipt is determined by the Ministry of Transportation depending on the Make, Model and Year of the vehicle.